6 Essentials of Content Writing You Must Know

Content Writing has secured a significant role in SEO, social media marketing, and digital advertising through the rapid development of search engine algorithms. Back in the days, the online marketers were smart enough to deceive search engine robots with duplicate and excessively keyword stuffed content.

Today, the scenario is entirely different. Search engines are focusing on high quality of the content rather than keywords. The need to provide informative, useful and creative content is attempted through various Google updates, rankings, social signals, ratings, comments and other statistics.

The technological development is setting new standards for originality of the content
Nowadays, the role of a content writer is recognized in a real sense, because a few years back, most of the individuals used to replace words with synonyms or change active voice of a sentence to passive voice to deceive the search engines for unique text. The concept of uniqueness is now different. It’s not only about using different words or re-writing the same idea but the creation from the scratch.

Uniqueness is defined as bringing something new to the users. The internet is already stuffed with duplicate content, which may not be caught be a plagiarism checker, but convey same meaning over and again. To cut short the discussion, let me highlight the essentials of content writing that apply to the current scenario.

1. Know the Purpose
Without defining a purpose, you can never stick to a topic, central idea or theme of the content. The content marketing plans are created to achieve certain goals. It could be a traffic increase, conversion rate optimization, boosting leads, educating customers or supporting a cause.

If you are writing for a personal blog or a client’s home page, there must be a purpose behind it. Try to find it and clarify your vision before writing; else what you produce will be useless for achieving the specific goals.

2. Know Your Audience
Define an audience for whom you are writing something creative, innovative and informative. The likeness and inclination towards a piece of content vary among people with their age, gender, profession, language, religion, and ethnicity.

To ensure maximum reach of your content and target the most relevant readers, you can narrow down the kind of audience and keep them in mind while writing. The corporate sector showcases products and services that have to be exposed to the right audience.

3. Extensive Research

Get a clear idea of a topic, keyword, product or service you intend to write about by carrying on extensive research. Most of the writers are aware of the common things they see around them, but somehow they have to write about a service they have never heard of it.

Research is the key to getting familiarity with a topic you never know. It simply means check out what’s happening around the web. How people are curating content according to their marketing needs and what are the trending topics for the industry you are working.

4. Don’t Copy Others

Be smart in judging others while retaining your style, idea, and concept. Rewriting the same stuff, again and again, will burden the search engine and nothing else. It will neither benefit you neither the end consumer.

A great number of people still think that copying someone’s idea to produce a piece of content is fine. It may deceive the search engine by showing 100% originality but contribute nothing to the readers.

5. Be Creative

Add creativity by brainstorming, reasoning and sharing real life examples. Research the internet for the available content and produce something awesome. You might have experienced a significant number of same articles and blog posts, where the authors are discussing the same concept in different words. Do you think they are creative in their context?

Leave them behind in their ignorance about the uniqueness of content and focus on adding a literary flair along with the realistic and true picture of life. Contribute something worth reading and sharing with the global community rather than a repetition of thoughts.

6. Optimize Sensibly
The practice of injecting keywords into content is very common. Publishers think that an article or blog post will rank higher if particular words and key phrases are used many times. It’s true that Google evaluates the relevancy of content against the meta title, description, and keywords, but it penalizes you for doing it excessively.

If you want to optimize content for better visibility, you need to embed keywords in a way that makes sense and seems natural. You can restructure a sentence to make it readable and logical rather than blindly injecting words several times in a paragraph.

Writing a compelling sales copy, an attractive home page, and a well-structured post requires hard struggle. A sum of words and text can be produced by an app or spinning software, but to achieve real results, you need to put in the real effort. Hope so the above points will help you in creating fresh and beautiful write ups.

Good Luck!
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